A Fully Integrated Connectivity Offering
Always Available, Highly Secure, Property-Wide

The Red Bison fully integrated, highly secure connectivity offering seamlessly connects and protects all operational property (PropTech) and tenant-based systems, while providing visibility to data for enhanced insights to increase innovation and value from network services, applications, and systems.

Connectivity Offerings
Property Connectivity

Fully Secure, Carrier Grade Platform With Dual Fiber Paths to the Building

Symmetrical Internet
Guest WiFi - Indoor/Outdoor
Private Engineering LAN
Cellular Wireless Coverage

PropTech Integration

Unlimited Secure Connectivity Solutions, Integrating All Building Connections

Building Management Systems
All Devices Equipment, & Sensors
Intelligent Parking, EV Charging & More

Property Analytics

Granular Visibility to All
Building Technology Data

Data Customized to Building Objectives
Data Aggregation
OneView Dashboard Visualization
Analysis and Recommendation

A Comprehensive Solution for Wired & Wireless Connectivity
Cost Savings

  • Always available connectivity that reduces costly effects of downtime
  • New services add-ons without new CAPEX investment
  • Reduced staff time on smart building/IoT connectivity & management

Operational Efficiencies

  • Real-time, highly secure access to systems and information from an on-site location
  • Analytics that provide data to increase efficiencies and improve the connected experience
  • Enhanced integration & visibility of BMS/BAS

Fully Managed & Highly Secure Connectivity

  • Real Bandwidth (Equal Upload/Download Speeds)
  • Property-Wide Private Network (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Next-Generation Cybersecurity